Friday, October 31, 2014

Week 41 winner!

Week 41 Caption Contest results! Great, funny entries, and of course our winner this week turns out to be a Baylor alumnus! But first, the Honorable Mentions: G Scott Lewis: "Two particular items were featured in this year's Homecoming parade. One was filled with massive volumes of hot air. The other was the Baylor Bear Balloon."; Alan AJ Irby: "The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters just called, and he said THIS is the scariest thing HE has ever seen go down the street!."; PatchOBlack from SGT: "All was going well, until an ill-time gust of wind and a poor decision to use slick ropes left Wombat heading up and out of sight...."; and Jim Salmen: "A Bear, a Baritone, and a Barrister... Trifecta!"

And our winner, for the second time this year and fourth time overall, is Lyn Robbins! Congratulations, Lyn, and Sic ‘em, Bears!

Thanks to all who entered! New picture on Monday – with a guest star!

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