Friday, May 29, 2015


CAPTION CONTEST RESULTS - #2 of 2! I'm back from an amazing adventure across the pond with the Vocal Majority! Time to sort out the results from my fake visit to the U.K. First, the Honorable Mentions: Jim Salmen: "I'll never trust Shatner again. Granted, I did want a queen-sized bed."; Stupid Guest Tricks' PatchOBlack: "Unfortunately, Wombat misunderstood what it means to be a 'guest in the London Tower.'"; Doug Lewis: "Though not the most beloved royal newborn, 'Wombat' was certainly the largest."; Darren Grabowski: "Hollywood, again showing they are out of ideas, reboots King Ralph."; Cory Church: "Excuse me, is this the line to the throne?"; and CS-Gail Randall: "Charles, exactly what does 'Sic 'em, Bears' mean?"

And Alan AJ Irby wins yet again, his fourth win in 2015 and his 19th overall! Congratulations, A.J.!

Thanks to all who entered! New fake picture coming on Monday!

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