Friday, May 01, 2015


CAPTION CONTEST RESULTS! Many more great submissions this week -- and everyone seemed to agree that I shouldn't be allowed at the controls of a plane. First, the Honorable Mentions: Larry Lozuk: "Really? In Microsoft Flight Simulator you use the F3 key to accelerate."; Jay Marsh: "Hey bud, this is not part of your tour package. Back to the cargo hold for you."; two from Jim Salmen: "Relax, man. I've seen the movie Airplane like 25 times. I'm sure this is how it goes." and "Mind if I borrow this plane for a bit? I need to move a fridge across town." (Way to keep tabs on my personal life, Jim!); Darren Grabowski: " 'It's easy! You think of a wonderful thought!' 'Any happy little thought?'"; Bob Littlepage: "Right, so which button do I push to fire the phasers?"; Steven Jones: "No, really, I won a caption contest, and first prize is captaining a flight. Don't bother those tower dudes, call the main office - they'll confirm."; and Bret Morris with this way inside joke: "Baaaah... ba ba baaaah... ba ba baaaah... ba ba baah baaaah... ba-ya-ya-ya-yaaaah...." (It's the intro to VM's new jazzy a capella arrangement of "I'll Fly Away.")
And this week's brilliant winner is from the wise and wonderful Zazu from SGT! This is his sixth win overall and first this year! Congratulations, Zazu!
Thanks to all who entered! New pic coming on Monday!

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