Friday, September 18, 2015


CAPTION CONTEST RESULTS! So many funny entries to choose from!! First, the Honorable Mentions: SGT's Lasolimu: "I really picked the wrong shirt for this event."; two from Darren Grabowski: "In previous adventures, they needed a burglar. Now they need a lawyer, which is essentially the same thing." and "I can't believe I'm standing this close to *the* Si Robertson!" (I never before noticed that Gandalf and Uncle Si have the same beard!); Scott Stogius Maximus Lewis: "One does not simply 'photoshop' into Mordor."; Lisa Lavelle: "Wombat the White elected to stay in Rivendell to teach the Elves about show tunes. The Great Departure soon commenced." Bear Deardorff: "Best man Wombat and the groomsmen show up for Frodo's wedding in their Sunday best and were all smiles -- until the Preacher asked for the ring." and Tim Bird: "And as Wombator was tying his shoes, the Fellowship of the Nine quietly slipped away on their epic quest."
And this week's caption, cleverly insulting me based on my back-row position in Vocal Majority, is my VM brother Rick Bivins - his first win this year and second overall! Congratulations, Rick!

Thanks to all who entered! New fake picture coming on Monday!

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