Sunday, August 20, 2006

Dignity vs. Karaoke

...And the winner is: Karaoke!

Okay, I haven't led the most sheltered of lives, but I'd been sheltered from karaoke before tonight. We had a social event for the worship choir and orchestra at my church, featuring good barbecue and an awesome karaoke DJ who has a song catalog numbering in the thousands. (I knew he had a wide variety when I found "How Great Thou Art" and "How I Beat Shaq" side by side in the song listings!)

The evening was hilarious -- let's just say that the fake partying done for the video described in the Fire Eating story below is probably more the true nature of this group. They know how to have a good, wild but clean, fun time together. (Although, number of hymns or spiritual songs performed: zero!) (I'm adding a link to the church website on the sidebar, so you don't think we're all fun and games!)

And me? As I hinted above, after some initial reluctance, I threw what little dignity I have aside and joined in, performing "ShBoom" by the Chords (which I had learned as the encore in Forever Plaid), and then later did "The Rainbow Connection" -- in the voice of Kermit, of course.

Great fun was had by all. I just hope that someday my wife will be seen with me in public again.

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