Thursday, August 10, 2006

Magnetic ribbons

I noticed a new magnetic ribbon on the back of someone's car yesterday -- you know, like the yellow ribbons, or the red-white-and-blue ones saying "God Bless the USA" or "Support the Troops," or the pink ones for breast cancer. I don't remember what disease it was for, but it was a new one on me.

I've resisted putting a ribbon on my car for two reasons. First, and foremost, because a lot of people have them, and I just naturally rebel at doing things lots of others are doing. (See "I am not and never have been a trendy person" from a couple of posts ago.) The second reason is that I haven't found a ribbon with just the right message on it. I like "Support the Troops," and I do, but even leftwingers spout that phrase, and it almost comes across to me like, "I support the troops, but..." I'd take one that says, "I support the war," but I haven't come across that yet. In the meantime, car ribbons supporting other causes have multiplied, to the point where they don't have much impact any more.

Which led me to think, I wish someone would create a ribbon, in a color that had not been done before (good luck with that!), with this simple message: "Fight RDS."

What's RDS? Why, "Ribbon Deficit Syndrome," of course.

The idea is up for grabs. Just send me a free one if you produce them.

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Tim said...

id buy one.

hey, im the first post here!!!