Friday, August 11, 2006


It's almost birthday time for me -- 42 years old -- and as I was taking stock of my life, I couldn't help but compare myself with some of my Baylor college roommates and the successes they've had. One such roommate is an official in the Bush administration, married to an accomplished author. Another is a justice on the Texas Supreme Court -- wow!! (though he might be praying each night that I've forgotten some things from those college days). Still another roommate, a native of Nigeria, is now a doctor who travels from his home in California each year at his own expense to provide free medical care to residents of his home village. (No word on what has happened to our former imaginary roommate "Alan" -- I haven't seen him in years.)

Successes all, for sure, and enough to make me wonder what I could have accomplished if I had chosen different paths. But hey, along with a job which I can tolerate and occasionally enjoy (and that pays the bills, kinda-sorta), I have a loving wife, two incredible boys, close family and good friends. It's more than just 'being content where I am,' like the Apostle Paul. It's realizing that God is very good, and He has really blessed me. That's plenty of success for me.

I also picked some pretty awesome roommates.


Julie said...

Funny blog - found your link at Stupid Guest Tricks and had to take a peek since I am a fellow Texan and Disney fan. Have a happy birthday!

BRWombat said...

Thanx Julie!