Monday, July 06, 2009

Club 33, part 4

The food, every bite of it, is wonderful.

The broccoli cheese soup is at a perfect temperature for sipping, creamy, flavorful, with just the right amount of bite from the green chilies. It’s delicious.

The fruit, cheeses and meats are all tasty as well. The Caesar salad is… well, it’s hard to mess up a Caesar salad, and this one is good.

The crab claws are large, with lots of enticing meat exposed and ready. I dip one into the tartar sauce and take a bite, and… oh, wow. Hot. That’s not tartar sauce after all. It is, instead, a rather potent horseradish sauce.

I guzzle some water to settle down the intense flavor of the horseradish. The assistant server is refilling the water glasses regularly, which is now a good thing. He fills them from long, large plastic bottles, which look much like every other water bottle you’ve every seen, except they are about four inches across and easily eighteen inches long. I joke that he’s going back to the kitchen and refilling them from the tap, except there are multiple other bottles, chilled and unopened, in waiting on the hutch at the other end of the room.

The table of fourteen in our room has now been seated, by a family with several small children. Hmm. The kids are making some noise, which doesn’t quite fit the atmosphere of the club, but hopefully they’ll settle down when they get some food.

We sit and eat, eat and chat, chat and eat some more. A prominent topic of conversation is, “We’re actually here!”

We are just finishing our appetizer plates when the entrees arrive. Perfect timing.

Between us, our group ordered most of the various entrees, and like true food tourists we have to stop and take pictures of our plates before diving in. My lamb chops look wonderful:

My mom and Kay each got the monkfish:

Brandon was alone in trying the chicken with truffled mac & cheese:

He enjoys the fact that the carrots on the plate are cut like thin, delicate waffle fries. I’m sure there’s a fancy culinary term for that.

The chateaubriand looks tasty, too – all the entrees do – but the picture turns out blurry, plus everyone (me included) is ready to dig in.

I cut into the upper lamb chop, scoop a bit of the polenta with the meat, and then roll both in the sauce, the port wine reduction, before bringing it to my mouth.

Wow – what a taste. The meat is tender, juicy, and obviously flavorful on its own, but the polenta adds a creamy texture with just a hint of sweetness, and the sauce adds a punch of concentrated flavor that perfectly compliments the two. There’s little in the way of conversation now as we focus on our meals, but I doubt I could participate anyway. I am savoring every precious bite of this.

Everyone at the table is raving about his or her own dish. No one is offering to share bites.

Magnificent, all of it.

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