Sunday, July 05, 2009

I want Disney, but I need rest

I’ve just told my family to go on to enjoy the parks without me.

Part of me can’t believe that I’m nearing the entrance to two Disney parks and am choosing not to go in, but that shows the seriousness of my condition. I can’t walk more than a short distance without losing my breath. I haven’t slept much in days. I’ve just come off four days of intense, energetic, physically draining rehearsals, competition, and shows. I’m wiped out.

No, I assure Becky, I don’t intend to curl up and die where I am. But without the pressure to be anywhere at a certain time, I can move at my own pace back to the bus stop and go back to the hotel room – where I have an inhaler, for one thing, but where I can crash and maybe get some of the rest I’ve been lacking. I might come back to the parks later in the day, I might not, but right now I can’t continue.

She’s a bit concerned, needless to say, but even the thought of rest brightens my mood quite a bit, and I’m able to reassure her that I’ll be okay. I give her and the others a goodbye, and they continue on to California Adventure. They should just make the Aladdin show without me holding them back now.

I sit, relaxed now, and watch people go by. This is a new Disney location for me, and it’s fun just to be here. There are trams loading and unloading nearby. I’m pretty sure they are coming from the “Mickey & Friends” parking structure at the northwest corner of the property. I’m tempted to go ride one on a round trip just to say I’ve done it, but the ride to the hotel is much more appealing.

I stir myself onward and go through the bag check into the plaza. All I had was my Passporter, but the cast member at the bag check actually makes me unsnap it and leaf through the pages. Interesting. It’s especially funny to me since I’m just heading straight across the plaza and out the other side.

On the way through the plaza, I pause to take a picture of the California Adventure entrance. Maybe I’ll get there tomorrow.

The Mickey-shaped benches we spotted on the way into the park this morning – was that just this morning? Seems like longer ago than that – are calling to me as I get to the other side of the plaza. I sit, shaded and comfortable, if out of breath, for several minutes watching families stream in through the bag check. It’s not unpleasant.

Finally I make myself get up for the last leg, out to the bus stop for the Anaheim Resort Transit. The bus takes a while to get there, but there’s a bench at the stop, so I’m good.

One bus ride later I’m at the Sheraton. My room’s a bit of a hike from the lobby, and I have to pause and lean against a wall or two along the way to rest, but I finally reach my room.

I use the inhaler first. Then the shoes get kicked off and I stretch out on the bed. I turn on the TV and start flipping channels to see what I might rest to. I never find out – I’m asleep with the remote in my hand before I settle on a particular channel.

I think I needed this.

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