Sunday, July 05, 2009


So, here I thought my parents, with my aunt & uncle, would be driving to the Disneyland Hotel and meeting us here at 11:00. Instead, they somehow wound up inside the Disneyland park and are currently in New Orleans Square. Oy vey.

I’m probably sputtering in disbelief while talking with my dad, and I’m kicking myself for not confirming our plans again with them last night or this morning. Our reservation time is here, and 4 out of our 10 people are at least a half hour away.

And that’s if they can find the shortest way here – my dad is having trouble hearing me on his cell with all the park noise around him, so I’m unable to guide him through the necessary steps. I think I hear him say that we should go ahead and eat, and they’ll catch up with us if we can.

Even if that’s the plan, it’s a disappointing for all of us. The character meal was actually the idea of my Uncle Ron – he and Kay had been to Disneyland before with grandkids and had enjoyed the character meal they did then, so they specifically asked me to check this out. My parents liked the idea too. The other six of us had done a character meal on each of our previous trips but weren’t necessarily planning one this time until the others suggested it. So when I was able to book all ten of us for this late-morning Sunday brunch, it seemed to be a great way that we’d start the Disney part of the vacation for the ten of us together.

I talk to the cast member handling the check-in desk and let her know the situation. I’m not even sure we’ll be able to check in without everyone here, or how long we can wait for all the party to be together. Add to that the fact that the six of us here haven’t eaten much this morning in anticipation of this meal, and we’re starting to get hungry. The CM is understanding and says that if we want, we can go ahead and check in and pay for the six of us, and then they’ll send the others to us when they arrive.

It’s far from ideal – since this is a buffet, we’d probably be done eating by the time the others arrive – but at least we know it’s possible. I try calling my parents one more time, and this time I get my mom and we’re able to hear each other better.

There’s slightly better news this time – after dealing with one person after another who gave them bad directions, they’ve apparently finally found someone who knows how to get them where they are going. They’re currently on the train around to Tomorrowland, where they will board the monorail to Downtown Disney and walk to the hotel, like we did. Of course, that will take them at least 20-30 minutes even if all goes well, but at least they’re on their way.

My mom does confirm for us to go ahead and check in, which I’m reluctant to do, but our moods are starting to turn worse because of our growing hunger, so we probably need to. I talk again with the cast member at the check-in stand, and she confirms that we can get a table for 10 and they’ll direct our stragglers to us when they arrive.

The six of us step into the entry of Goofy’s Kitchen. Hey, Pluto’s here, off to one side taking pictures with diners as they arrive! We wait in line for a cashier to officially check in and pay, and then we’re directed to the seats nearby to wait to be called – first for our picture with Pluto, and then for our table.

Shortly after that I notice that I’m no longer carrying my Passporter, the leather-bound binder that has the wonderful Passporter guidebook/planner, but also all of my notes for the trip report and it's nowhere in sight around us. Yikes again. This day went downhill in a hurry!

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