Monday, July 06, 2009

Pirates again

Okay, what now? We again turn down an appeal from our kids to ride Splash Mountain – hopefully tomorrow – and decide to head back towards Adventureland. I want my parents to experience Pirates.

We make our way around past Splash and the Haunted Mansion. I enjoy the view out across the Rivers of America over to Tom Sawyer Island… er, Pirate’s Lair at Tom Sa… Pirate’s Lair… whatever the island is called these days. It’s cool seeing the paddlewheeler and the Columbia sailing ship, but what really catches my eye are the canoes.

Okay, let me get this straight… I pay $$$ to get into this park, I climb into a canoe – this is hypothetical, mind you – and they expect me to paddle? I don’t think so. I say this out loud to my family and find that I’m not alone in my thinking.

We walk past the enticing streets of New Orleans Square and to the entrance to Pirates. Oh, no – the line of people waiting for it stretches all the way out of the loading area, down the ramp to the lower level, and winds around the chains. Okay, I'm just kidding – the line actually barely comes partway down the ramp, and doesn't even reach the lower level. It’s still not a long line at all. Woo hoo!

My Uncle Ron is concerned about getting his video camera wet, and even though I tell him that the chances are slim, “slim” is still too much of a risk for him. That plus my Aunt Kay doesn’t want to risk getting too wet before Club 33, so they both sit out. Oh well. I’m just sad they’ll miss it, since the ride is so amazing, but the rest of us continue in.

We spend maybe ten minutes in the line, which I believe may be our longest wait for any attraction yet! That’s pretty awesome. I’m not big on standing in lines anyway, but since my ankle surgery – and months of grinding rehearsals and performances on my feet with the VM – I really like to minimize the time I spend standing in one place.

Still, I’m surprised at how little my feet and knees are bothering me so far in the parks. I felt sure that after the convention they’d be a problem, but my breathing has been a much bigger hindrance.

We reach the loading area and are guided onto our boats for this journey. I’ll be in the last row this time. Hmm, maybe I’ll get less wet than I did in the front of the boat last time.

There’s not a lot of legroom back here, so my left leg is kind of folded up under my right one, with my left foot and ankle sideways on the floor of the boat. Not too uncomfortable, fortunately, especially for the length of this ride.

Pirates is, once again, spectacular. I’m even more amazed by the atmosphere of the whole ride and the use of space. I’m very glad my parents are getting to experience it. They’re both very impressed and are enjoying themselves greatly.

By sitting in the back row, I don’t get as much spray from the drops as I did on the front, but I get just as wet. You see, the water spilling over the edge pools on the seat and the floor, which means the places I get soaked are my backside and, because my left foot is sideways on the floor, my left sock. It should make for an interesting look!

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