Saturday, July 04, 2009

Down time

After we finish breakfast, we go back to the room, but find that it’s being made up by housekeeping.

Hey, that’s why we have relatives staying here. We knock on my parents’ door and ask if we can intrude on them for a while. They’re fine with that.

It’s a bright, clear morning, and still a little cool. I sure could get used to this California weather. The temperatures have dropped into the low 60’s every night, and it hasn’t once climbed above the lower 80’s during the day.

I head out onto their balcony and enjoy the view. They don’t get to see Disneyland and California Adventure like we do, but it’s stlll very nice. There are mountains off in the distance, and the courtyard and pool below. The Crystal Cathedral is in view to the left, and the Hilton’s on the right. It’s nice just to sit and relax.

I share with my dad Linda’s idea for tomorrow. He’s not as enthused about the plan, and thinks perhaps they’ll still go to the church service at the Hilton, but he’ll run the plan past my aunt & uncle. Oh well, it still works for Bob, Linda, Becky, the boys and me, even if the others just drive to the Disneyland Hotel and meet us there.

This is pure down time, and I love it. I have to head back to the rehearsal room by 10:00, but breakfast, our new plans, and this bit of relaxation on the balcony have greatly helped my attitude. I’m starting to come to terms with the reality of our loss, and am actually looking forward to getting back on the risers.

Okay, I’m also looking forward to having this afternoon’s show behind us, too, so we can get on with our family vacation, but it still promises to be a great time.

A little after 9:30, housekeeping is done with our room. I duck back in there, put in my contacts, grab my VM bag, say my goodbyes and head downstairs.

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