Saturday, July 04, 2009

Next phase

The bus fills quickly and heads out. And it drops us at the Sheraton! My aching feet appreciate that greatly.

I won’t be returning to the Honda Center, I decide. Yes, the Quartet Finals are tonight, the ultimate event for barbershoppers. It’s going to be an amazing, entertaining evening. I’d love to be there to cheer on Glory Days, and to be entertained by Storm Front once more.

But I am wiped out. A quiet dinner with my family and then rest in my room sounds a hundred times more appealing.

Okay, I admit there’s more – if the VM had won the chorus competition yesterday, we’d be there, performing at the start of the Quartet Finals to accept the chorus trophy. As great as the win would have been, I’m actually relieved that I don’t have to dress and perform again – like I said, I’m wiped out. But the Ambassadors are filling that slot now, and as genuinely happy as I’ve become for their accomplishment, and as entertaining as their set was... I’m just not ready to see it again so soon. The loss is still a bit too new and raw.

I see in our rehearsal room that the risers are already disassembled and gone from the room. We’re packing up the truck tonight, so I’m glad that task is already done. I change out of my tux and return the fuchsia tie and pocket square to their designated box.

Wes Dean, who serves in the interesting dual capacity of VM auditioner and launderer – his company handled cleaning all my family’s waterlogged clothes after our home flooded a few months back – gives instruction to both hang up our shirts, that we’ve performed in twice, and to hand our tux coat around the outside of the hanging bag. He explains that the shirts will be cleaned, yes, but they’ll be in much better shape if we hang them up, than if they are wadded and sealed inside laundry bags with a hundred other sweaty shirts for the long, hot drive back to Texas! Makes sense.

I help gather trash in the room and get things straightened up as best as I can before leaving, but my family’s waiting on me for supper. I grab my bag and head for the room.

Once there, I wash off the makeup, swap my contacts for glasses, and then we’re out the door again. Bob and Linda are going with us again to the Overland Stage Company. My parents and aunt & uncle, determined to get every penny’s worth out of their convention registration, will be attending the Quartet Finals.

We make the walk down to restaurant and are seated quickly. I order the fried catfish. It’s okay, but there are several places at home that make it better.

I feel like I’m not very good company since I’m so tired from all of the rehearsing and performing, and not in the best of spirits because of the outcome. Still, it’s an enjoyable meal. I think we’re all relieved to have the convention phase of the trip behind us, and we’re ready for the Disney part of the vacation to begin!

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