Sunday, July 05, 2009

What will you celebrate?

Our plan is to start heading for Disneyland right around 8:00, when the park opens.

“Us” is Becky, Bob, Linda, Brandon, Benjamin and me. My parents and aunt & uncle are going to meet us at Goofy’s Kitchen at 11:00.

A month or two ago, I was debating whether I should even think about going into the parks today. I remembered how exhausting the Denver convention was, and we weren’t even competing then! Plus with my still recovering from the aftermath of my ankle and foot reconstruction, I thought perhaps I’d be better off planning to rest today.

That changed a few weeks ago. All of our lengthy rehearsals, those long hours working up a sweat on the risers, had really increased my endurance. I’d come home exhausted, sure, but it was starting to only take me one night to recover, rather than one week.

So a short while before we left we purchased Two-Day Parkhopper tickets at a special rate Disney offered convention-goers. (Yes, we’re planning on three days in the parks, but tomorrow’s admission was already taken care of. Stay tuned.) PDF files of the tickets arrived by email, each ticket being a colorful full-page with Mike & Sully from Monsters Inc. and a bar code.

Time at last to dress in our park attire! Brandon and Benjamin put on Disney t-shirts, while Becky and I have on convention shirts. (They found me a great one from the Harmony Marketplace that works especially well for me as a lawyer and a baritone: It shows a music staff and the caption “Take the Fifth” – and then in smaller letters below: “Or the third. Or the seventh. Or the root.”) The boys and all wear our pin lanyards. (We don’t trade so much any more as just collect and show off!)

I wonder if any other barbershoppers will be around – most, I think, did Disneyland at the beginning of last week. Disneyland even had a “Barbershop Day” last Tuesday. For me, though, I knew I’d be wearing myself out with both the contest and the parks, so the contest took priority. Disney gets whatever energy I have left over.

In any case, I also put on my VM name badge and my silver medal. Hey, Disney’s theme this year is “What Will You Celebrate?” I’m celebrating this!

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