Friday, July 03, 2009

If you had an outfit, you could be a cowboy too

The men file off of the risers and stream through the rehearsal room door out into the hallway. Before I get there I hear loud, obviously female cheers and applause. Wait, we have groupies?

Oh, okay. It’s several of the VM Women who are here to help us with our makeup. They’ve lined up in the hallway to cheer us on as we go to our dressing room.

I still feel like a rock star.

Most of the men have already visited the dressing room to get their tux hanging bag off of the racks and claim a dressing spot, and I’m no different – I have a place reserved on the far side of the room. Since I’m passing the makeup tables – we apply our own base today – I stop, grab a sponge, and start slathering my face.

I’ve done theater for many years in my adult life, and have no qualms whatsoever about wearing makeup – for a show. Hey, they way I see it, any guy can wear camouflage and go hunting. It takes someone who’s really secure in their manhood to not flinch at the thought of wearing stage makeup!

Besides, this stuff is not the heavy greasepaint, but just a water-based tint to give our faces a little darker color, otherwise we wash out under the stage lights.

There aren’t a whole lot of mirrors to go around, but I’m able to check myself and it looks like it’s pretty even. I head over to the chair I’ve set aside and start changing.

The atmosphere in the room is a mixture of determination, excitement, nervous energy, and cool confidence. Plus a few chuckles brought on by the fact that the front row guys have been issued fuchsia (“not pink!”) socks. As for me…

Black shirt, check.

Sparkly cufflinks, check.

Black tux pants, check.

Sparkly fuchsia tie, check.

Black vest, check.

“Bling” in the lapel, check.

Tux shoes, check.

Oh, yeah, a couple more things: Bones’s gold medal, pinned on the inside of my tuxedo coat pocket, and the VMW satchel with the gold ribbon and gold flakes next to it in the pocket. I’m loaded down with gold.

Dressing doesn’t take long, and I’m ready for the show. Let’s do this.

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