Monday, July 06, 2009

Day’s end

So Brandon’s off in Tomorrowland, and I have his bus pass. Great.

I get on my cell phone and call my dad. We can barely hear each other, but apparently they are still in line for Space Mountain. What? We left them an hour ago. From what I can hear, they waited in line for about a half-hour when the ride went 101 again. Although a lot of guests left, they hung around in line for almost another half hour just in case the ride opened again. They had just given themselves “five more minutes” when it started working again – so they are about to ride at last.

They agree to meet me back here in Town Square when they are done.

There are some beautiful flowers here, their red, white and blue perfectly complementing the U.S. flag flying above us. Disney does landscaping so well, one of the many touches of perfection that are so pervasive that it’s easy to overlook them.

Becky comes out of the Emporium now and shows me her purchases. She has found both a new Mickey Mouse t-shirt and an Eeyore nightshirt to add to her collection – and she also has a new Minnie watch to match mine!

Brandon and my parents appear around 6:25. They were finally able to ride Space, and Brandon loved it! I’m happy for him. It still doesn’t make me want to ride it again.

Okay, do we wait for the parade? I’ve learned from the vendor that the parade won’t wrap all the way around Town Square, but will turn and go through its gate right at the end of Main Street, so it won’t pass by our bench. And now an announcement comes over the PA system that the parade has been delayed. That settles it – no parade for us. We head out through the tunnel and out the exit gate, then turn left for the bus stops.

After a short wait at stop number 3, the ART trolley arrives to transport us back to the Sheraton. Once back at the hotel, we stop off at the snack shop for our light supper. I am not hungry at all after our late, filling, gourmet lunch at Club 33, but I get a ham sandwich for later. I don’t want to have to come back down here.

We’re back in our room soon afterwards. I do indeed have a small blister on the outside of the big toe on my right foot. I put a Band-Aid over it and hope that will keep it from bothering me too much later.

This has been a good day. My asthma slowed me down still, yes, but unlike yesterday it didn’t stop me. I still need rest, but hey, I figure I’ll still need rest for the next week or two – not just from the competition and our time at Disneyland, but from the months of lengthy, intense rehearsals gearing up for the competition. (And I’ll need rest to prepare for the upcoming months of intense rehearsals for next year’s competition!) One more day in the parks, then one day of travel, and I can collapse at home.

The ham sandwich serves its purpose, to tide me over until tomorrow, but it’s nothing memorable – not after the culinary experience we had earlier!

Becky, the boys and I spend a relatively quiet evening in our room. By the time the 9:30 fireworks are starting, I’m already fading out for the night.

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