Monday, July 06, 2009

Club 33, part 5

Our entrees are disappearing. I finish mine and wait for some of the others to finish before we attack the dessert buffet.

Brandon has excused himself and then returned from the restroom. I normally don’t include these details in our trip reports, except that this time Brandon comes back raving, “That is the nicest bathroom I have ever seen!” Okay, this I have to see.

I excuse myself from the table – purely for photographic reasons, of course – and walk past the elevator lobby. The restroom doors are on the left, near the Mary Poppins costume sketches. I push in on the men’s door and find a small but, well, elegant restroom. I never thought I’d use those words together, but this fits the bill. Dark marble countertops and dividers, marble floors, gold fixtures, rich red wall coverings with designs in gold, and stacks of deluxe quality paper towels – each one stamped with the Club 33 logo in gold. Wow.

Upon reporting my findings back to the table, I am informed by some of the ladies that their powder room is even nicer. I do not investigate.

Okay, dessert time! Yes, I and many of the others already have a s’mores parfait, which each look delicious. But did anybody really think we’d leave Club 33 having sampled only one of the desserts? I didn’t think so.

Several of us in turn walk back to the buffet and concentrate on the left table, filled with all sorts of delectable desserts. There are all sorts of cheesecakes, pies, fruit, sauces, baked goods, pastries and chocolates. Even I, with my appetite, cannot justify getting “one of everything” here, so I pick a few of the items that look tastiest.

We return to the table with our goodies and dive in. I launch into an incredible slice of – what should I call it? pie? mousse? I don’t know. It was in round cake form, but with a light, mousse-like texture. In fact, it was much like three layers of mousse, each of a different kind of chocolate, dark, milk, and one in-between, and then with a thin layer of orange gelĂ©e on top. I love fruit-and-chocolate combinations, and this is divine.

When it’s completely gone, I realize that I’ve forgotten to photograph my dessert plate. Oops. That chocolate-smeared spot on the right is where that particular item was. Briefly.

I have a few other items, some of which I can identify, others of which just look good. There’s a coconut macaroon drizzled in dark chocolate, yum. A dome of chocolate mousse-type substance is parked on a round cookie and topped with some fancy chocolate work. Also yum. Then a small chocolate muffin with a fudgy center. All of these are great, but the next item becomes my instant favorite.

It’s at the top of the plate in the photo above. It’s something in a cup – a cup made entirely of dark chocolate. By looks alone I suspect that the filling might be a peanut butter cream, which I would like (and Becky would love), but the reality is even better. The first layer I find in the cup is a mocha cream, and then as I dig in I find another layer, this one of espresso-soaked ladyfinger pieces. It’s a tiramisu chocolate cup! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

I rave about it, and many in our group who didn’t at first get one go back to the buffet to do so. I’m filling up, but I polish off every bit of this wonderful confection.

Okay, my plate is now empty. Time for dessert.

Oh, no, I’m not kidding. I still have the s’mores parfait waiting – I saved it for last!

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